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Find that sound in your head with Splice

Meticulously curated samples, one-shots, loops, MIDI, and presets from every genre and instrument imaginable. Our catalog is deeper than deep—whatever you’re looking for is here. 

Get Ableton Live Lite for free

New users who subscribe to Splice can get Ableton Live 11 Lite for free—a lightweight, flexible DAW that makes music creation and performance fast and fluid. It includes essential workflows, instruments and effects for creating new sounds, recording ideas, performing on stage, and much more.

Let your work flow

Find samples fast with intelligent search features, audition sounds in your track’s key and tempo with a click, then drag and drop them directly from Splice Desktop into Ableton Live Lite. 

Crate dig without the dust

Our intelligent search tools help you discover sounds you would normally have to dig to find. Tech breaks the sweat, not you. Once you find sounds you love, export them directly to Ableton Live Lite to finish your track.

“Every time we open up Splice, we find the sounds we need. We can’t live without it.”

Luny Tunes, Grammy-winning Reggaeton duo

Subcribe to Splice and get Ableton Live 11 Lite

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