Splice x COLORS

Splice’s world-class library of Sounds has paired up with COLORS, the genre-less music discovery platform focused on spotlighting distinctive artists from across the globe. Watch and listen as producer P2J drops his exclusive Splice sample pack ft. collabs with vocalist Jamilah Barry making magic happen for DUOTONE.

Put P2J on your track

Nigerian, London-based producer P2J is a staple in Afrobeats music, just ask…idk…Beyonce, Burna Boy, Doja Cat, WSTRN or GoldLink to name a few. They’ll confirm. He’s a GRAMMY award winner, a go-to in the industry, and now a part of the Splice family. Get your hands on his signature sound for your next production. Available only on Splice.

DUOTONE adds color to the story

Producer and artists are the original DUO. Watch as both sides of the board work together to go from sample to song—Vol 2. Features producer P2J and vocalist Jamilah Barry using sounds from PJ2’s sample pack TONE VOLUME 2, available exclusively on Splice. 

In conversation with P2J and Jamilah Barry

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Watch Jamilah Barry on COLORS

Watch as Jamilah Barry serves lyrical caviar—featuring sounds from TONE VOLUME 2: P2J. 



P2J, Jamilah Barry, and the team at COLORS have put their stamp on Splice. Dig into their curated collections of favorites, hand picked from Splice’s endless catalog of sounds. 

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